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Landing in Arkansas

This is likely my final supplemental report before I get to where I’m going, but it’s been a helluva trip so far. I’m now in Arkansas for one night. It’s rather beautiful here — reminds me of southern Tennessee. I drove in from Austin, after spending a nice, mostly relaxing day bumming around.

I got up in San Antonio (Randolph AFB), ran for two miles, drove to Austin, stopped at Moonshine Patio Bar & Grill in Austin and had mediocre food. The service was very nice, though, and the weather! Wow! Just stunning weather. Then I visited the state museum and bummed around there (beware the 2nd floor interactive show). Interesting stuff, though.

Then I got some new strings for my guitar at South Austin Music and stopped for some coffee at Starbucks. I found out I posted one of my assignments wrong but couldn’t fix it. Oh well.

Then I headed north to get a room at my hotel before heading out to get a new phone! New 4G. So much faster than my old Motorola. Oh, and I got the fuse in my car fixed, so now everything charges! Yes!

So the car’s working better, nav is better, Pandora radio is better.

I had a lovely dinner (much better than Moonshine’s Grill) and some nice live music at Threadgills, then went back, restrung my guitar, and watched some of “Ring of Fire.”

Trip went smoothly from Austin this morning here to Little Rock. Left the rolling Texas hills into the gorgeous mottling of trees here in Arkansas. Trip was overall very nice and easy. Music and thinking and story plotting and dreaming about the day I might be touring for my books. Or music.

I think it’s time to start rebuilding myself as a musician now that school is over for the moment. Once I take a bit of a break from school, I’m going to start getting focused again.

One more week till school is complete for my bachelors! Whoot! Then I’m done with that.

Anyway, I’m gonna go visit my cousin in Tennessee for a few days and relax.

Oh, and check out what I ran across this morning.