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Simple Reasons Americans Aren't Free

We are supposed to be the land of the free, but when moral “bravery” is forced, the value of that morality is diminished and our freedom reduced. I’ve written a few simple points of view on why Americans aren’t free, and have included simple remedies and comments on how both to reclaim those freedoms and why the securities created actually hurt more than help us.


First and foremost, we cannot force anyone to participate in society. The very idea that people MUST participate in American society is the greatest insult to the freedom this country represented. This participation comes in the form of improperly levied taxes, the draft (which currently is not in effect), domestic federal legislation beyond constitutional authority (of any kind whatsoever), and national market policies.


Taxes levied on anything but how a member participates in society (economy) is an improperly levied tax. If an American wishes to subsist with no government assistance or access to it, there should be no mandatory tax. Period. The moment an American chooses to participate with the rest of society, they will be expected to pay for their participation through consumption taxes (See FairTax.org). Property is one of the most fundamental principles of freedom – the right to own property you earn, the right to own yourself, which until the US was born was thought to be pure fantasy. I have the right to own myself, a home, and a plot of land. Paying property taxes insults that right to own property, as since I must always pay someone else to continue using it. End property and every form of tax but consumption taxes, and you’ll see those old folks pay off and keep their own home in perpetuity. You’ll see far less widows go bankrupt and far less families split over paying EXTRA taxes to keep what should rightly be theirs as heirs of their own family.


The idea that some people in the country can force others to go to a war they may not believe in is beyond madness, it’s cultural slavery. You cannot advocate in a free society that someone must risk their lives for a cause they may not believe in. If someone must risk their life (their own property), it must be voluntarily, or it becomes slavery. There is no excuse to bind some involuntarily for the benefit of others. You know what that’s called? Slavery.

Merriam Webster: Slavery n. the state of a person who is a chattelĀ (an item of tangible movable or immovable property except real estate and things (as buildings) connected with real property) of another. In other words, if someone else can make a decision for me without my consent, it becomes that of one man over another as if that other man were his property.


The U.S. Constitution had one primary duty: to protect the freedom of American citizens. It was not decided to create any form of security, property or form of income. It was a gatekeeper against the encroachment of undue powers which are innately hungry to devour the freedoms and powers of the people, be it congressional, parliamentary, monarchal, militant or otherwise; all governments naturally seek more power. The federal government is, therefore, only authorized to enact policies to protect freedom and nothing else. When our federal government began instituting policies that protected people from anything else, it immediately began to slow but inevitable march to oppression, with a smile at every step. You might say: It’s good that everyone is protected! Well, we were protected before the government stepped in, we had our own weapons and our own communities to step in and do what needed to be done. If you read history, you’ll find American societies full of strong individuals who didn’t put up with shit and found ways to get rid of oppressive citizens who sought to abuse those around them.

It wasn’t until the institution of stronger federal policies that allowed powerful barons the kind of security from competition they so desired. Government regulations and laws only protect the illegitimately powerful, though they are passed under the guise that they protect the “little guy.” In a true free society, there is no such thing as a little guy, because every man and woman is both capable and ready to take care of themselves. The “little guy” was, at first, a lie created by corporations and government in order to justify their illegal accession of individual rights. Through their campaign to protect the little guy, they actually created the little guy, and thus began a new belief system that some people were not as equally capable as others, and thus needed more powerful bureaucracies to “step in.”

National Market Policies

Every individual is, at first, his own economy. He must be responsible to save his own money, invest it, and otherwise build himself as a singularly powerful economic entity. He, then, contributes to a voluntary collective in his community. As each member of that society does their very best for their own best benefit, that community becomes viable and strong, and flexes with the attitudes, religions and beliefs of its citizens. It is controlled from within, levied against the natural supply and demand of local resources — human or natural — and regulates itself. Farmers will produce no more food than they can self, avoiding a market glut, and can buy no more than they can afford, preventing a flush of capital into that economy and preventing inflation.

As each community within a given county, and then each county within a given state, flexes with the needs, supplies and demands of its citizens, it then reflects clearly the people of that region.

The moment the federal government enacts national policy, it supplants the natural market reflection of citizens’ true values and instead replaces it with a single system that may change with administration and is subject to the desires of people hoping to stay in power — a most dangerous formula to anyone who can think for themselves.

National market policies are both an insult to free men and one of the highest forms of cultural control. By levying a single policy across 400,000,000 people, it is, instantly, a form of coercion over free people. This isn’t a law against killing or theft, which is legitimate protection of liberty, but levy of a system such as interest rates where regions may need to levy their own, or communities, or people, denies the community the ability to adjust itself for its natural resources and its citizens.

End the Federal Reserve (which isn’t a government entity, but a private monopoly in control of public monies) and allows the market to flex itself naturally, which is best for regional citizens.

Never mind that when the government makes participation mandatory (such as via healthcare. For those of you who don’t know, the government’s passage of the healthcare bill was done so under the guise of regulation. It actually forces its regulatory powers on people who aren’t even participating!!! That’s like your mom telling you that you can only tell your little brother what do when he’s in your room, and then making up a reason that he has to go into your room just so you can tell him what to do!) A good article by George Will discusses the Supreme Court’s failure to protect our right NOT to participate.


Many of you might ask: Why is your perception of liberty so tied to money?

First, understand that money isn’t valuable because the government says it is, it’s valuable because individuals citizens have created money through their hard work and innovation.

Money is the representation of earned value. In other words, if I work to develop a product or service, I have drawn raw material from the Earth – or myself – and added value to it through refinement. When I do that, I actually MAKE money. This isn’t merely creating an object in which to attach money, but I’ve actually created more value for that money to represent. This is value that wasn’t previously in the market, and and upon adding it, I actually increase the value of the money I have in my pocket and then pave the way to put more money in my pocket when I trade that product to a person who desires it.

Money is a representation of value, and how I exercise the value of my labor (money) is an exercise of the value of myself. My work is reflective of who I am and what I’m capable of doing, and when I maximize those qualities, I can create value (production/service) and trade it for a medium I can then use to buy food, clothing and shelter.

Don’t mistake the management of value as greed. Everyone needs money, because otherwise I’d have to trade my skills to the farmer, the butcher, the seamstress and the oil producer directly. They don’t need what I have, but we can both agree that money will represent the same thing, which frees us to use it as we need.

If we do not have control of our own money (earned property), we do not have control of ourselves, and if we do not control ourselves, we are slaves to who controls it — the government, which is owned by the bankers (via Fed Reserve).

We are not free because our government got out of the business of protecting liberty (Constitution) and got into the business of providing security (federal regulation), which paved the way for giving up control of public monies (Federal Reserve), which then gave up control of the government and thus the American people.

It doesn’t matter if you think you know what’s best for everyone, because freedom means I don’t have to give a shit what you think is best and you have no right to impose your beliefs on me. We aren’t free mostly because of the mistaken idea that any man has any right to infringe on anyone else’s freedoms for “everyone’s good.” Ultimately, that leads to the worst kind of slavery of all, and it’s not to a king or a dictator or even a parliament, but to the mob, which always seeks the most violent means to its own lustful ends.

America is not free because we are enslaved to the mob, the mob of “good intentions” and “best for everybody.”

Screw your good intentions. FREE ME FROM YOUR GOOD INTENTIONS! We all know how valuable good intentions are. As a free man, I can make my own good intentions for myself and my family, and you have neither right to my successes nor enslavement to my failures, and if we returned to the attitude of responsibility to regulation, however troubled, everyone benefits.

And that is a simple approach to our need to return to freedom.