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Finishing Up in Montgomery. Again.




I finished four months in Montgomery, Ala., working on Maxwell Air Force Base. It was a good experience, overall, but nothing really new to the situation.



I was asked by a friend to come and backfill him, watch his house and watch his dog while he went to school in Maryland. I agreed to come, but I had no real interest in coming to Montgomery again. I keep coming back here, and while I do love many of my friends in the area, I have no love for the area, itself, nor would greatly expand my repertoire by working there again.


But I got to hang out with good friends, got lots of work done, helped a unit through an inspection, produced several issues of the unit magazine, built some tools available for other units, and drank chocolate coffee.


I made friends at Starbucks that I will miss, and some I won’t. I went and visited Tuskegee Airmen‘s Moton Field north of town. Visited Tavern IV twice. Got my RV back in Atlanta.


I attended a friend’s birthday party in Birmingham last week and ended up giving economics lessons to everyone. I was afraid I might be talking to much, but even when people were coming in and everybody got up to greet them, they’d stop and tell me to continue! People are really hungry to learn about economics. We don’t teach economics in schools! Not really. We teach kids how to log check ledgers — something no one really does anymore! Sheesh!


Anyway, fun was had by me.


I’m glad to be moving on to see new friends in Virginia and then back to Atlantica!! (Yes, Atlantica. Know it. ‘member it. LOVE it.)


I don’t really have anything else to mutter on about tonight. Plus I’m going to Buffalo Wild Wings with friends to om some nom. It’s okay to be jealous. Go ahead. Start rueing!










Seven Years from Now, Anaheim, California

I had a good, interesting weekend, hopefully my last travel weekend for a month or so. After my rather long trip out West, I’ve grown rather tired of driving long distance. I love traveling, but for the moment, I’d like to land for a bit.

However, knowing this weekend was going to be a travel weekend, I prepared for the three hour drive to Smyrna and the subsequent three hour drive back to Fairburn and final two hour stretch back to Montgomery.

I was scheduled for Rev Spring Fest 2012, the first half-hour slot for the live music, so I opened the show. This is the second time, I believe, I’ve opened the fest, and I hope to play in the Fall with lots of new songs I have yet to write and must write in order to sing those lots of new songs. So here’s for goaling.

So I drove out Friday night, crashed with a friend, and on Saturday helped setup and pulled the first gig. Usually the first gig is quiet and empty. I guess my friends at Rev Coffee and the couple who runs the music side of the festival have done a wonderful job in increasing numbers each RevFest. There’s an area of shops and inside and the music sitting area, and when I began, there was only one guy sitting there. By the end, we had maybe about half full seating. I was able to remain humorous and kept them laughing between songs, even though I had to stop halfway through one of them. I hadn’t practiced as much as I’d needed.

So I went on to another song and finished out strong.

Then I went to the Renaissance Festival in Fairburn and hung out with my good friend from Warner Robins and other friends of hers. Followed her around when she wasn’t disappearing toasted and flirting with people she’d just met. But great afternoon overall. Glad to see her. Glad to hang out with a new friend I met through her. We had good conversation about a variety of topics.

I’ve been invited to our mutual friend’s birthday party in Columbus in a month or two and that should prove interesting. I’ll get my shots first.

And then I returned home to dinner with another friend and his workmates, and then home here in Montgomery.

Anyway, I don’t have much more to say to night. I think I’m a bit burnt out on various things. I’m ready for some rest, but here’s to another week ahead, working through and maybe getting a comp day.

I don’t know how I’ll make it through a deployment. Sometimes I feel like my brain burns hot. I can be so very creative, and then suddenly have nothing. Brain stops, mind blanks. When I’m tired, I actually only start using one eye. The other relaxes and slows its feed to the brain so it’s not such a distraction. I think I started doing that as a teenager.

In any event, my brain is done. Night all.

I've Got Nothing

So after a day of working at the 908th Airlift Wing, I’ve come home, am sitting here watching Archer, and I’ve got nothing. Brain’s dead. Even …

Yeah. Got nothing.

So I’m gonna write about nothing. I knew my brain would take a nose dive. I’m post-degree. Post lots of stuff, actually. Going to go to Cracker Barrell in a little while, nom some veggies, relax.

It’s going to a warm summer here in Montgomery. Or hot, as people around here like to say. Perhaps even boiling hell-hot to death. You know those silly local euphemisms and all that.

Meanwhile I’m good. Haven’t killed anyone lately. Or ever. But still not lately, and I’m grateful. The world is at peace. Except for race-baiting news agencies and Canada. Psh. Silly Canada.

Bacon is still good. God is awesome, especially because God invented bacon.

And in other news, free running is cool. Good night, Ohio!