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Hot Dogs and Black Presidents

There’s a hubbub floating in the newstream that Obama admitted to eating dog meat as a child. Apparently politicos are going nuts over the information. Leftists have been bashing Romney over leaving a dog carrier ontop of his car back in the 80’s. Rightists are bashing Obama for eating one.

I say, who the hell cares? Dog meat?

Treat animals humanely, whether you love them as pets or plan to consume them as food, but a personal relationship with any particular animal in no way makes it immoral to eat said species of animal. I would never advocate eating any individual animal who exists as someone’s pet. Like all property, it doesn’t belong to me and I wouldn’t advocate its consumption.

As for all the hubbub over Obama eating one, who the hell cares? He wasn’t born and raised in southeastern Iowa, folks. Even if he’s completely honest and was born/raised in Hawaii, nevermind his trips elsewhere around the globe, eating a dog is likely the least strange thing he’s seen in his life.

And you’re getting your panties in a wad over that?

Please. Get over yourself. Stop judging human activity through purely American standards! We’ve pigeon-holed ourselves into some sort of floating pseudo-moral political correctness, ignoring that we take up a fraction of the world’s population and have some of the most culturally inbred citizens on the planet.

I love America, and I’m not even objecting the cultural inbreeding. We’re free to live in such a wonderful country. We’re free to be ignorant, and that, in itself, is a great blessing. But it doesn’t change the fact that dogs are considered “pets” in only a few places around the world. Where they’re not eaten, they’re killed outright as if they were weasels.

And as for a president eating dog, I’d probably bet money he isn’t the first. Many modern social taboos weren’t developed until the end of the Great Depression, and many presidents were outdoorsmen. It stands to reason that they ate and did a great many things modernity might consider strange.

For all our cultural mores, eating dogs is such an inane thing to accuse a president of as some form of black mark upon his character. I have plenty of things I disagree with Barack Obama upon — his belief in the supremacy of the state, the need to devalue America to level the global playing field, the hope that flushing an economy with capital will improve the lives of people … all sorts of things we disagree upon.

But eating dog meat as a boy is hardly what I’d get my underwear in a wad for.

As for Romney driving across country with the dog on the roof, that could be animal abuse. I wasn’t there, and I don’t know the details. I believe animals should be treated with care. I don’t have much more to say on Romney’s case at the moment. Probably won’t have further on it, either.

That’s all I have tonight!

You can Kill Kids, but not Sell Vagina

This is a high simplification of the issue, but from my belief structure, this isn’t more complicated than as it reads.

Why can we abort our offspring for our convenience but not sell our body for money?

Considering the two major trains of thought, the feedback I’m most likely to get is either fully for or against in one direction only for both. A leftist might say we should be able to abort our children and sell our bodies, and a rightist might say we shouldn’t be allowed to do either. But I’m not here specifically to debate the merits of either, but more that this double standard is rife throughout our society.

We say one thing is morally wrong while completely ignoring the other. Prostitution is considered wrong by religions and moral codes, but so is sleeping with people you’ve never met. Why is accepting money for the practice suddenly more immoral? Because someone is exchanging money? Because it becomes a business transaction?

We fund drug addicts, baby farms and Social Security scammers every damn day through taxes, enable polluters, encourage the Fed, and give obtuse permission to our highest consuming low producer (our government), but we’re offended when a woman or man wants to sell her body for monetary compensation? Last I checked, we had this whole grand argument about it being “her body.”

In the versa, in the issue where comes question whether killing an embryo is actually part of a woman’s body or not, it’s legal in most states. But not selling her body, something we can be entirely sure of being her body and hers alone?

What will arise in the mind is that if prostitution is actually legal in most states, it becomes more difficult to find sex traffickers. You’d probably be right, but freedom is messy. I don’t justify sex trafficking, but however closely linked, they are not permanently conjoined, nevermind our government’s rampant regulatory habits. Should it be legalized, wouldn’t it make it easier to identify the transgressors?

Sure, I dislike government regulations, but if we operate this strain of thought by government standards, you’d think they’d be lining up to legalize prostitution left and right. You could tax it, regulate it right out of business. I mean, look at small business today. You’d end prostitution almost overnight!

But the government won’t. It makes prostitution illegal, as it prohibits making your own alcohol. It prohibits running your house as a business, even one as simple as hair care. After all, it must be able to tell which money is yours and which is the businesses, because it needs to tax that exact same dollar more than once. After all, in what other logical universe could a business justify charging you twice for the same product? Nope, just the government in our own.

Perhaps that’s the key. The government wants to be able to get its money; I can assure, it doesn’t think of it as your money. Your money is simply capital it has yet to tax out of your account. Instead of serving us, it owns us.

Prostitution isn’t a long-term industry it can exercise appropriate control. In addition, the theopoliticals want to exercise God’s laws into our freedoms, as if Jesus ever advocated such a thing. He said give to Caesar and give to God, he didn’t combine the two. If you live in a small community that all can support more religious-style laws that affect the highest majority in your small community, I won’t impose my liberation theory against your hometown. I take issue, however, when you want to exercise that nationwide; hell, even county-wide. Keep your regulations to yourself.

I don’t agree with prostitution, and however much I might consider it a boon to my society, I won’t advocate banning the practice so far and wide. People do as they feel they must, and putting laws into place to protect their “morality” more often than not will encourage them to find ways to buck the law and do as they please.

I don’t agree with abortion. To imagine that life only begins after it leaves you and a cord is cut is paramount to saying that every leech, virus, or other parasite in your body becomes part of you upon connection. But regardless of what I think, the government still sees this as a different argument from prostitution.

My point of this post is mostly that we need to boil every argument ever made to its simplest precepts before attempting to make decisions about it. For example: Prostitution occurs only between a buyer and seller, however many that might possibly be in a single transaction, and when most basically regulated, kept only to legal, consenting adults. Whether that is abused now when it’s illegal, or later when it’s legal, fails to bear on the concept that responsibly executed freedom in no way will make its own abuse inevitable. It will abused either way. Allow the consenting their freedom, and then focus on the REAL issue — slavery.

Slavery is the issue law enforcements say is why our freedoms are curtailed, but you trade one for another. Give me my freedom, and then I will help you fight against the real issue.

Stop saying its for my own good. You don’t know my own good. You don’t even know me beyond how much I make a year and how much I owe you at the end of the year when you don’t get what you believe is your portion of my income. So much of this boils down to government control. Does this not alarm any of you? We take it for granted that the world is okay right now, but those who fight fight not for today, but for tomorrow! We see our children’s debt and try to tell everyone else that today’s conveniences will destroy our coming generations! If our own generation cannot afford that which we so desire, we do not deserve it, and to steal it from our children is the very worst of greed. Not the greed of endless money, but the greed of endless apathy, apparent through our enablement of our politically elected representatives finding new ways for the government to lift responsibilities from our arms and placate us with free healthcare.

Rise and look upon the face of reality. We are not long for the breakdown in things to come.


1961 2011 John F Kennedy entitlementsI’m in a foul mood this evening.

I’ve tried figuring out how to write about tonight’s topic and struggle to find the right angle. So let’s boil it to a few primary points.


Everyone dies. You might die sooner than other people because of your gender, your race, region, political affiliation, or (and most importantly) lifestyle. You will die one day, and odds are, I will never meet you. Because I’ve never met you, heard of you, or will likely ever love you, you have absolutely no right to take my money to save yourself. Nor can you demand that my company (one I might own) MUST provide my employees (of whom you may not belong) something they have not demanded themselves. While I understand the nature of human rights, I don’t agree that what one person believes is their right to my money so they can preserve themselves. Life is valuable, but just because my life is valuable doesn’t give me right to steal your property to improve it.


Rush Limbaugh called her a slut. Woopty freakin doo. He’s an opinionist. If you don’t like him, don’t listen. Sheesh. And if you’re so FREAKIN’ worried that his vitriol or opinion or what many describe as “poison” that so deceives the millions, maybe you’re just upset that millions of people honestly disagree with your point of view in life. Guess what? GET OVER IT. They’re entitled to their opinion and can listen to whomever they want to. Just like you have Bill Maher and Nancy Pelosi and Arriana Huffington.¬†Or even if you just prefer someone like Judge Napalitano and hate Rush Limbaugh, you still have someone you like and someone you don’t. Stop hating that other people disagree! You’re an absolute intolerant mess.


I’m tired of it. Yeah, this is my vent post.


Ultimately, I’m tired of people demanding that everyone else take responsibility for that one individual’s life. No one is responsible for your life or quality of it. We’re not in this together. When I die, I will most likely go alone, and even if others die alongside me, there’s no guarantee we will end up in the same place. I’m not taking responsibility for your life, your love or anything else about you. I will love my neighbor — people I know and see every day, who live around me, who share my life. I’m not here to take care of Cindy Harper of Chakletonne, Maine. I hope that if there is such a Ms. Harper, that she lives a happy and healthy life. But my responsibility is rather limited! Love the people I see. I’m just one man!

Take care of yourself. Stop asking others to take care of you. You can’t use the government to steal from others who probably don’t even like you to pay for your needs! That’s called STEALING! I don’t care how you define it! And the stupidest argument in the world is “Hey, we’re all in this together.” No we’re not. You can’t just say “We’re all in this together” to justify doing something immoral. What if I went up to some pretty girl on the street and said: “Hey, we’re all in this together. You should sleep with me to improve my quality of life.”

“That’s not the same thing, Christian! My life’s at stake.” Really? Good for you. When it comes to my ability to pay for what I need with my own money, SO IS MINE!