SPEECH: Leading the World, One Citizen At A Time

A rather wishful speech.

My fellow Americans,

As your new president, I wish to share with you my vision of my role as head of state, and my perspective on your responsibilities as citizens.

To begin, as a human being, you are intelligent, creative and capable. It doesn’t matter your skin color, gender, orientation, what family you come from, what community you are raised in, what physical or mental challenges you face — you can become whatever you want to be! All you must do is dedicate yourself to achievement and strive for excellence. Challenges will arise by people who don’t believe in you, who belittle you, who think you can’t, who don’t understand what you hope to accomplish or why. You will overcome your own inabilities by strengthening your skills, and learning to lean on fellow citizens to lift up what you can’t do yourself. This is what makes a community of capable individuals so much more powerful than a group of sheep or cogs! What one cannot do himself, he can earn the help and service of those around him more capable and as dedicated to him as he is to them!

To that end, know that I believe you are most capable of solving your own problems, innovating the best solutions and forging ahead into a bright future! Through America’s history, our most powerful innovations came from entrepreneurs who saw needs and found new ways to fill them. They took the resources around them and found inexpensive, highly productive methods of improving the lives of the people in their community to their own profit, and I hold that every man’s self interest is in the best interest of his community, because solving problems for yourself will solve problems for everyone around you, too.

I will define what the government is and has ever been throughout the history of man — a collected force of stolen citizen power drawn for good but inevitably abused by those attracted to such power. Bound by a constitution designed to protect your freedoms, our government’s encroachment by tyranny has been slow, but not entirely held at bay. Because I believe the powers of this government designed for good have already been and will continue to be used for the personal gain of devious politicians and bureaucrats, my first goal is to diminish as quickly and effectively every avenue of abuse upon the rights and freedoms of the individual.

Thomas Jefferson once said that if he had to choose between a powerful government and a free press to protect the lives and freedoms of the people, he’d choose a free press. I believe public opinion is more powerful than government regulations, and in pursuit of that belief, I encourage you to hold your news media to the highest of standards, encourage the greatest variety of agencies in which to best capture the angles on every story, and keep a public tab on agencies who might abuse you for corporate gain.

Effective today, I am ending the EPA, because you will best protect your own environment when you feel most responsible for its care. I end the the DEA, because you are adult enough to choose whether you want to buy substances that will harm your body and mind. The ATF, because why should a government tell you that alcohol, tobacco or fire arms are somehow more or less moral than cookies, carrots or shovels? The Department of Agriculture, because it’s your land to do with as you want, not everyone else’s. The Department of Commerce, because your money doesn’t belong to anyone but yourself, and you can choose how you want to do business. The Department of Education, because I think we’ve wasted enough money turning your children into mindless sheep as it is; it’s time you got to keep your money and send your children to a school that reflects your beliefs, values, and answers to you as a customer. The Department of Energy, because you need what’s cost effective, not politically correct. The Department of Health and Human Services, because that’s what your neighbors are for, and if you don’t know the ones next door, why are you asking those across the country to pay for what you need? The Department of Housing and Urban Development, because we’ve only served to keep the poor in their poverty. It’s time we freed unowned land and let people claim themselves a life on it, and to end a dependence on other people’s stolen money. The Department of Labor, because it’s not the government’s role or skill at helping you find a job; too many have tried and failed to create what wasn’t ours to offer in the first place. The Department of Transportation, as all interstate highways will be sold to the states to manage as they see fit with only minor regulations to facilitate what they were built for in the first place: the high speed movement of military assets in pursuit of defense. The Department of the Interior, as all federally protected lands and species will be transferred to individual states to protect as their citizens best see fit. After all, it’s their land, their community, and their posterity who will see these things through.

I combine the Departments of Defense, Homeland Defense, and Veteran’s Affairs, while bringing home troops from around the world. The citizens of the globe can defend themselves from now on. No longer will our dedicated men and women sacrifice their blood and their families for people who don’t even believe in freedom as we do, and in which their families see no direct benefit to their sacrifice. Instead, we will develop a highly skilled and well-equipped primary defense force to secure our border, improve our long-range weapon defense capabilities, and sharpen a very small and agile global strike force to move only when American assets abroad are put into danger, and in which curbing a growing anti-American force is best severed where it begins.

I end the Federal Reserve and private control of what public monies will be drawn from the American people. I also end the present state of the Internal Revenue Service and the wealth-destroying nature of our progressive income tax, which is fair to no one and hurtful to the poor and middle class. Six months from today, all taxes will be collected using a consumption tax known as the FairTax, which is based on the lifestyle you choose, not the income you make. If you spend more, you pay more, but no longer is the success of business punished because of perceived differences in your earning potential, and your ability to save money will best benefit the small business entrepreneurs around you who will grow from increased investment in your own community!

From here on out, the federal government’s job is to protect you from outside influences while you manage those on the inside. Your liberty is my first priority, because you are slave to no one, and can make slave of no one else who does not give you license to do so: by taxes, regulations, or laws based on the morality of one culture over another. This war of God or no-God is over in your government. Figure it out, yourselves, or learn to do what you’ve been hoping to do since this nation began, learn to live in peace!

This highly diminished government will ask a fraction of the taxes it once asked of you, and is no longer your mother. Not only that, but the freedoms to come will bring high returns on life, liberty and your pursuit of happiness, but only if you make it so in your own life by your own effort and ingenuity. Honestly, if you think you’re too stupid to figure it out, it’s not my job to make up for your lack of confidence in your God-given abilities. Figure it out. You’re a human. It’s what we’re good at.

It’s now about your states and communities to supply what you need, according to the desires of the people of your state, to live as you desire by the laws you wish. If you don’t like it, move somewhere else without having to sacrifice the constitutional protections of your individual value and freedom. You will always and ever be treated like a human being while in the United States, but you will remain free to choose which culture you want to live by.

You don’t get to impose your beliefs on anyone outside your state or your community anymore, and I hope your states take a lesson here: It’s your life. Live it how you want. You will reap all the success and suffer the consequences of your decisions, so make your decisions well, work hard, manage your own money, prepare for your own tragedies and enjoy most your retirements!

As your president, I will take the image of a self-sufficient individual to the world and dare them to fight us now. With every man, woman and child armed first with the belief that they don’t need a king to supply their needs or take their freedoms, what force could come against us? What enemy would last when they are mere sheep fighting a land of lions? Every one of us to become a force of reckoning, among each other and to every human around the globe. We ride together, daring them to challenge us, and do you know what we will reap?

Envy, hope, and awe. We were once a land of opportunity — not for what we gave away, but because of the freedom that allowed people to fight for what they believed. Once again we will embrace this life. If a company abuses its people, report it to your media so that all may know and stop using the selfish and abusive entity. Choose well whom you buy from, how you do business, and how you pursue justice. They are now putty in the hands of the average citizen, not the abusive arrogance of a few politicians insulated by those who would bribe or blackmail them.

I cannot lead you in your life! I am no king, nor should I ever become one. I cannot offer you hope or change, because I do not live your life, nor can protect you from it! I am not your leader, I merely preside over your other representatives. Hold me and them to account, to preserve only your liberty and to stop encroaching on your life.

This, my fellow Americans, is my vision for you and the government. You are the adults, the intelligencia, the innovators and the leaders of your own communities and to the world. Let us be powerful because of what the least of us is free to accomplish, not what the greatest of us gets without cost.

You, the American citizen, lead the world, one citizen at a time.