Politics is for Management, Not Faith

While exercising your core values in politics is important, politics, itself, should never be the framework of your faith.

I’ve met those who use politics as a replacement for religion, exercising their good deeds toward improving the lot of the human race and then counting themselves out as having completed their requirements for whatever heaven they expect to; voting in “Hope, Change,” and any other political figure from the left or right who promises to improve the world.

But politics is fickle, changing daily to suit modernity, and has no real bearing on the quality of anyone’s soul but the dirty politicians so drunk on power they only dig themselves a further trench into hell for all they step on others to maintain power.

Politics is a framework, and nothing more, and if you understand the nature of human power and those bent on acquiring it, the last thing you want to do is create a framework which enables anyone, good or bad, quick and easy power over large groups of other people. It creates too volitale a tool that, while in the hands of one well-intentioned could help many, so easily switches hands that it is absolutely certain to be more abused than responsibly exercised.

Nevermind that the very concept of government producing anything of value completely ignores that the government physically CANNOT do such a thing! It doesn’t take a raw product, develop it, and then sell it at competitive cost to you, the consumer. Instead, it takes your money, gives you only one object in return, at higher-than-market value, gives you no option, and doesn’t even ask you if you want it.

Boil it down, and politics is to be no more than a simple management system. What people have done is injected their theological and moral standpoints. What was supposed to be a neutral party providing the most basic needs that the market (and by market we mean intelligent innovators and entrepreneurs) was incapable of providing, instead became a morally charged swinging arm of whatever God the ruling party believed. It’s only devolved the whole process into two parents fighting each other on behalf of the child’s own good, forgetting that 1) the child is an adult and 2) their fighting has nothing to do with the child and everything to do with “being right!”

The children have grown up, and whatever they may have needed in the beginning (USPS, roads, etc), time and technology have proven that we no longer need such centralization. But these parents (those suckled to government) refused to let their children go, as much to justify their own role (needy mother), and their power.

I don’t need you any more, big government. Nor do I want you.

You see, I believe that in today’s modern world and high communication environment, that cities can sell their roads to road companies who can compete with better road-making materials, faster construction times, and low overall costs to the citizen who pays for it. We have toll roads with digital readers that surpass the need to stop. Our ability to mass communicate means people can choose from among so many different state and national companies for shipping letters, paying for roads and other needs our government may have started that we no longer need such centralization.

The key is that some people are simply afraid that someone won’t be up there looking out for them. They either don’t want or believe in a supernatural being to do that role, and so they ask for another human. But your choice to disbelieve in the supernatural should in no way justify your moral decision to keep me fiscally enslaved to your fear of managing your own life! I won’t want to pay for bureaucratically drawn and funded roads, the money-bleeding USPS and communal healthcare. If you want another human watching over you so much, go become a slave and tell me how well that goes. I don’t own your life, you don’t own mine, and I won’t have you justify taking from me so you can have when I never agreed to this arranement and in no way reciprocate the trust in other humans as you do!

Stop putting your faith in humanity into the government. It’s controlled by other humans, just as flawed as you are, and I will be ruled by no one whom I don’t choose for myself. And since I can’t do that, nor can trust democracy so implicity as to think the sheep will vote itself out of dinner when the majority are hungry wolves, I would have us all rule ourselves, unto whichever god you adhere, and leave me be.