The Worship of Victims

America capitulates, coddles and worships victims in its continuous quest to remove danger from this world. From building religious facilities in secular schools so Muslim students can wash for their faith (while denying Christians the right to read their Bible on premises), to gun control, to sue-happy litigators, to Maury Povich … our nation has begun to worship the weak.

We raise them above our heads and parade them as morally superior because they are most in need of our help, and we trample every human and American right to sacrifice unto them our strong and self sufficient, our individualists who don’t ask for charity nor offer it blindly to the lethargic and unambitious, who exercise their faith with every ounce of their own freedom and never ask to remove that same freedom from their neighbor.

And it will destroy us all.

There is no nobility in weakness. And while there might be nobility in helping the weak, creating more weak in order to make yourself more noble in their rescue is a double blind, and does not justify itself.

We discuss how companies hurt the little guy, how restaurants might serve bad food, how people can be hurt by corporate entities, and yet never actually expect the individuals to gain their own recompense for whatever abuse they may happen to suffer. We don’t expect them to use their minds and employ legal tools already in place that are designed to gain them compensation.

Instead, when one abuse occurs, we automatically assume its systemic and do everything possible to create legal protections. Only problem is, that’s like building walls on a one-lane road. Instead of giving drivers the freedom to swerve, or possibly run off the road into the grass, we only leave a very tight, narrow option of crashing into a very damaging wall on either side.

There is no air in that kind of life. We create so many laws that we corner ourselves into only “one” kind of safety, and if we deviate, we instantly become victims to some kind of new crime we instantly need rescue from.

Does life follow an OPLAN? (Operations Plan) Not the last time I checked. You can conduct life any way you want. There are infinite ways to be good. By that same token, there are infinite ways to abuse life. You can’t legislate everything out of life. Or might you be implying that our mere existence in an unfair world is justification enough to make everyone a victim. Or is that the point?

Is that what people want? Why would they want that?

Well, if you’re a victim and incapable of helping yourself, then you need someone else to make decisions for you. That might range from other citizens who think they know better than you do how to live your own life, or government bureaucrats, or the media, or large corporations … they want you to be sheep. You see, sheep are stupid and inept. They can’t do for themselves. They’re walking meatbanks. They’re for nothing more than shearing and eating. And those in power of our society want us to be exactly that.

As my dear friend Bridget likes to say: The Mundanes drink the Kool-Aid.

So ask yourself — are you living a life expecting people to be victims? Is the world safer if we’re all victims? Incapable, inept, in need of someone else? This is in no way a curse on the value of teamwork or family. Those are wonderful! But more so when every member of the team is prepared to lead the way but embraces a role as a capable individual, ready to commit prosocial activity to the benefit of the group. You want to know what a group of victims looks like? It’s called the Soviet Union. Or National Socialist Germany. Fascist Italy. Progressive America.

Whether it’s by the government, or by a corporation, it doesn’t matter. It’s someone who doesn’t know who you are, what you believe or how you want to live your life, making important life decisions for you. They’re pigeon holing you. They’re gonna treat you like someone who lives three states away with a different sexual orientation, faith and aesthetic preferences.

Do you want to be treated like Tom Gooney from Fallon, NV? Or Cynthia Harper of Utopia, TX? Or maybe one of the five archetypes those in power like to think of us as. Geeky white male, single black mother of five, illegal Latina helping her parents, unemployed and pot-smoking black male … They like to think of us as TV portrays Americans.

Do you want to be treated like that? Is that all you’re worth? Do you want to live in a world of sheep and one lion ready to use them for his own purposes? Or a world of lions prepared to take care of themselves? I’d rather have the lions. I’d rather have every man, woman and child responsibly armed to the teeth, ready to protect themselves and their neighbors from danger. I’d rather work, live and trade with self-reliant individuals than victims.

At least, that’s my take.