The Fashionable, Pretty People of San Diego

Crystal Pier, Pacific Beach, CA

I think it’s a common idea that US fashion is usually generated in two places in the United States — New York, and Southern California. I have not spent any time in Los Angeles and have yet to visit the city that never sleeps, but I can tell you that San Diego is definitely a place of fashionable people. There are lots of “pretty” men here, and, to be honest, the highest concentration of gorgeous women I’ve ever seen in my life, I kid you not.

I’ve traveled to many places in the last few months, but San Diego has a high concentration. You’re looking at the biggest beach region in the US (nominally, anyway, I dunno about the figures), and the home of University of California, San Diego, which, of course, attracts many of the same kind of people — pretty people.

While in PB – as they call Pacific Beach — I got to ride the beach bike everywhere. I lived in a house with a good friend while there amidst small apartment buildings, and so we were the only house and yard for a block or two. We were caddie-corner to a large grocery store, a literal half block from the church, four blocks from the awesomest coffee house (literal house in a neighborhood) in Southern California, six blocks from Dirty Birds Wings and Backyard Burgers (awesomely food), and seven blocks from the beach and Crystal Pier.

I ran on that beach several times in PB, and it was just awesome. The breeze, the sand, the pier, the runners, the sound, the rocks, the view …

Cafe 967 – The awesomest in SoCal.

San Diego was a wonderful experience. I spent some time with a great friend, made a new one, did some homework, enjoyed some coffee, wrote some novel, played some game, rode some bike, ran some sidewalk, Hard Rocked the Cafe, bibled the study, churched the Sunday, and otherwise tried enjoying myself.

I really enjoyed my time there, overall. Built a better friendship. I hope to have had an impact in his life and I learned more about what he’s doing in his life. He and I knew each other back in Virginia and he’s been out there doing bio engineering at UCSD.

San Diego was a unique experience but I’m rather glad for it. And I miss their dog – Dori, the sweetest pitbull terrier you ever met and just a beautiful dog. I enjoyed my time and am glad for it.

So tonight I’m in Warner Robins after months of travel, and I’m only here for a few days. Good trip, great visit with my cousin in Fayetteville, TN, and now I’m in for a few days of rest before a wedding in Florida and then off to Montgomery.

But this is all I have for tonight.