Without Government, Women Will Die

*Editor’s Note: There are five very valid points I’m making in this post. However, if you don’t want the illustrative sarcasm, scroll to the bottom. I sum everything up in five simple paragraphs.

Without Government intervention, our women will die. They will die from conditions never before treatable until expensive drugs like regulatory birth control. No woman ever gave birth to healthy babies without state-controlled medical facilities. They overpopulated poor villages without government assistance for thousands of years before abortion — thank God for the right to end life!

I mean, if government doesn’t protect women from companies they don’t have to buy from, who offer services they haven’t had for nine thousand years, who are publicly known to be greedy, why, I do believe female kind will die off!

I think men will be left by themselves, ending the race as we know it, if for no other reason than few men can cook and fewer know the difference between darks and whites. Cuz, after all, men can’t do the same things women can, even if women can do the same things men can!

Without the benevolent government making sure everyone do what they’re supposed to, why, we might try genociding entire races of people, like the Germans did the Jews, all without government assistance, of course. We might start stealing from people in mass numbers! Now that we’ve finally disarmed those untrustworthy citizens, armed government employees who enforce laws designed to entrap citizens will be the only ones with weapons! Finally! Humans can finally keep other humans in check! About time, I’d say.

But women will die! What are we going to do? I mean, women are as capable as men at taking care of themselves, right? That was the point of feminism — that women didn’t need men? They were equally skilled in every task as men, except of course actually earning enough money to pay for their own healthcare. For that, they obviously must advocate force by government to take money from all those evil men!

Stupid women-hating males. They never think about women! They never think about who will take care of self-capable women! Women are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves and those men just want to deny them every cent out of other men’s wallets to achieve that. How greedy those males are! I can’t believe women haven’t cut men off from sex entirely and just ended our race whole.

Silly me. We must have government. We must have an inefficient bureaucracy to make sure everyone falls in line — whether it’s a citizen who might want to actually keep the money she has earned, or those evil corporations who actually want to stay in business! Phaw! The nerve!

I think we should all just end private property. I mean, that worked for the Soviet Union, National Socialist Germany, Fascist Italy, and the Virginia Jamestown settlement, right? Communal property and rights? That always encourages people to take care of what they have, to save for another day, to motivate their children to work hard so they, too, may have nothing to show for it.

What would I do without an all-benevolent state arresting parents for disciplining their children? Or allowing young girls to abort children without their parents knowing! Sheesh, what was I thinking!?

Saving humanity from itself since 1917I must be really backward to have thought that humans were capable of achieving greatness through their own ingenuity, innovation, ambition and incentive. I mean, I have no clue how the United States survived the first five years without such a government! It must have been the bloodiest point in world history! Can you imagine the atrocity of men living without debt, taking care of their neighbors, living out their faith, and innovatively changing the world one incredible invention at a time? I can’t imagine how they did that without government subsidy encouraging them to be imaginative!

I sure hope the government keeps me from killing a woman, because let me tell you, the moment the government stops, I’m so totally going on a murder spree. I’m gonna deny food to every woman I meet, prevent them from buying drugs with their own money. Hell, I’m gonna help end the whole homo sapien sapien race.

What will we do without other flawed humans to tell us flawed citizens how to live life?

I just don’t know.


Alright, sarcasm complete, let’s break it down in short.

1) Either women are capable of taking care of themselves, or they aren’t. I believe they are. Because I believe they are perfectly capable of taking care of themselves, I don’t give anyone, male or female, license to steal money from other people to improve their own lives. Take care of yourself, then your family, then your friends, then your neighbors. Stop thinking about what you get, and start focusing on what you give.

2) Society existed to the mutual benefit of man and woman for thousands of years, with occasional abuses on both sides. We don’t need government to perpetuate peace between the sexes. If anything, government loves to segregate people for voting purposes. Who trusts an organization like that?

3) Governments have committed the greatest mass murders in history, not individual citizens. Whether kings, parliaments or somewhere in between, it is a powerful state that has committed the greatest atrocities of mankind. Argue the point all you like, but powerful individuals affect less death and destruction than ever a state committed.

4) You cannot consider a company as publicly owned property. It’s not. You don’t vote in their officers or control their boards. By that same token, they have no power to force you to buy their products or live by their rules. Just because you, personally, think a company should operate in one manner or another, gives you no right or reason to find a way to impose your moral ascendency upon it. By any other consideration, that’s called coercion, and ultimately slavery.

5) This is in no way an insult to women. This is riding off the Fluke issue where she believes the government (my money) should control an insurance company (a private entity) to suit her biological needs. That’s call theft and coercion. I know plenty of women who don’t want this to happen. My sarcasm is to illustrate against those who think that women’s health is intrinsically linked to government control of private entities. Let me tell you, it’s not! We’re either capable of protecting each other, or we’re not. I don’t need a third party to forcibly tell me how to help other people.

And that really sums most of it.