Faith Isn't Supposed to be Easy

Since when was building a relationship something easy to accomplish? It takes time, effort, sacrifice and love. It takes investment, and can often be difficult. It takes honesty and sometimes some rough conflicts, building trust and faith with each other.

Take a moment and think about a relationship you’ve had with someone you love very much, and how much you’ve gone through with them. Think about the fights, the lies, the miscommunication. Think about the good times, the love, the trust, mutual understanding.

And then replace your friend in your mind with Jesus Christ.

Christianity was never meant to be a man-made religion, rife with rules and regulations and pious attitudes and tall cathedrals or governmental interference or monarchial rule.

Christianity, for all the word poorly describes, is supposed to be a spiritual relationship with Jesus Christ, the son of God and our future husband (for all the term poorly describes). We were put here on earth to grow, develop and build a lasting relationship with our creator. If you’re an immortal god, are you looking for riches, or a relationship with a being who can love you for who you are? ¬†Little different than anyone, I should think.

When you pause to think that faith is supposed to make life easier, ask yourself this: Does your relationship with a dear friend mean there are less troubles? Makes work easier? Diminishes the drama with your family? Or does it, perhaps, build an emotional and spiritual anchor from which you can endure the other difficulties with a sense of peace and security?

This is God’s relationship with us. He is not here to make life easy. Life is a symptom, not the root or cause. Our spirits are the foundation upon which life is built. Attending to our spirits and the world that connects them is what matters most. God isn’t as concerned about you paying for cable or having it easier at work, when he can address the root of your discontentment (NAMELY YOU) and make you peaceful from the inside out.

From out that change God can change offices, communities, cities, states and entire nations. He doesn’t care about making you rich. He cares about making you whole! He’s an all-powerful being who could make all the gold and silver he desired. It’s meaningless, without point or value. What matters to a being capable of summoning his desires at a word? Eternal carnal pleasures should he so desire?

He wants someone to love Him for who He is. Can you blame him? Any immortal would want such a thing, because that is worth more than its weight in gold.

Faith is not supposed to be easy. Nothing in life is about a destination. It’s entirely about the journey and how we approach each step. If we embrace the fact that life is about the experience, change becomes easy to manage, troubles of less consequence to the security of our souls, and our general disposition that to take things in stride.

God wants our emotional foundation in something beyond this world. Why do you think he put so much chaos into this world? Shifting weather patterns, political atmospheres, community unrest, familial dischord, and all of it comes from a lack of God. But when we secure ourselves to He Who Remains Unchanging, solid and complete, the rest of it affects us less. Deaths are mourned and then we move on. Jobs are expressions of purpose, not the purpose, itself.

Faith’s difficulties are really just separation anxiety — separation from believing what we see is all there is. It’s leaving home and saying goodbye to the house, the car, the yard, the tree … all things we based our foundation in, all things capable of burning to the ground.

God allows difficulty in our life to separate us from the temporal and to join us to the permanent — HIM!

Please, stop expecting him to change your situation. Your situation is temporary, even if it were to last the rest of your earthly life. It’s a symptom, not a cause. You want real change? Ask him to change YOU. You are the only constant in your own life. If you don’t change, then your problems will return over and over. If you do, then that which affected you before will no longer do so. You become free.

And freedom, my friends, is priceless.