The Reason I'm a Rechabite

The Rechabites were a Jewish tribe who abided one of their forefather’s commands never to drink alcohol and were never to live in cities, living instead as nomads. While I can’t say I feel called to abide the “never live in cities” part, I feel God has called me, at least at this point in my life, to live as a nomad and never to drink alcohol.

I didn’t grow up around people who drank. It had this not-done kind of attitude about it, though it was never taught to be an immoral thing.

I’ve only had one sip of alcohol in my life and that was very young, and it was rather nasty.

What stigma I did develop came at the very hands of the people around me who were too eager to start drinking.

Part of my given nature, developed most likely due to my somewhat outcast position growing up, I don’t like doing things because everyone else is doing them. If anything, it makes me want NOT to do them. I grow a distaste at such a rampant, mob mentality to disobey a law.

Do I agree with the 21-year-old drinking age? No, actually. I don’t think the federal government should regulate such a thing. That’s a state issue, or a community issue, rather. It’s infringing on people’s freedoms. And while you might say: Hey, science says this … and stats say that … and I think that …

Well, I’d say screw you. It’s not up to you to decide what’s right for everyone else’s children.

So, do I think alcohol is evil? Absolutely not. I have decided it’s just not for me, and after some experience with my ex girlfriend, I learned that even a little alcohol isn’t acceptable for whom I date. It’s not about it being a moral issue. It’s really just a lifestyle choice.

Whenever I marry, it will be with someone who has chosen to live a similar lifestyle as myself and there won’t be a question of asking someone to give up something important to them for you. And while one might argue that alcohol isn’t a necessarily important part of life, I disagree for a few simple reasons. 1) Alcohol is a polarizing element of society. It may not seem so from within the culture, but it affects people. I’m not saying it’s negative, but it’s not a neutral thing, and I won’t ask people to give it up because of my own lifestyle.

It also means I’m a nomad. That doesn’t mean I move every day, but it does mean I move on regular basis. I not only grew up moving, but it’s become my comfort zone. It’s where I am and how I live. I like it this way. There are pros and cons, but there are in every facet of life. I take the good with the bad and trust God all throughout.

Despite all my extrapolating, it just boils down to this lifestyle fit my character. I feel comfortable embracing it and enjoy what it brings.

That’s really all it is. I just wanted to put it out there.

Well, it’s late and I need to hit the sack. Night all!