"Now" — Our Best Focus

Are you waiting for marriage, the right job, a better relationship? Surrender each moment of uncertainty to God. Don’t worry about tomorrow, next week or next year.

Stop yourself in this moment, the moment of fear of failure, the doubt of success, the inadequacy of achievement, and give it to God. It accomplishes several things — 1) A dependance on God, 2) builds trust, 3) improves your relationship, 4) frees you from your fear, doubt and inadequacy.

Is the world telling you that this life’s success if all up to you as an independent, strong, capable human who takes his religion like he takes his woman — when and how he wants?

Yeah, how well does that work for anyone?

As an immortal God who exists outside of time, there is no tomorrow or yesterday. It is all the same moment to Him. Literally — the moment you pray to God as a five-year-old is, to God, the same moment as when you pray to him as a 55-year-old. Time wraps around him like a mountain road and he sits at the peak. He can see every point in the road simultaneously, while we can’t even see around the bend before or behind us. Understand?

That means the most important to God is right this moment. That’s where He is in your life. That’s where He waits for you. He doesn’t want you to wait till tomorrow or put off to later what you can begin to share with Him right now.

Gold, riches, houses, temples, empires … all meaningless to Him. You know what else is meaningless? A bunch of rules, living through effort and an entire race of people who believe it is about what they can do or achieve.

To a being that has no physicality, do you think He cares about stuff?

He cares about you! He wants to know you on an intimate level! Do you imagine He’s caught up in your legalism? Do you think living by law gets his attention?

What gets His attention most is your willingness to seek Him out on a personal level! The Bible describes his character and soul, and knowing the Bible is a great way to know Him. However, you must pursue God! Share your life with Him! Not merely in an attempt to do the right thing. Stop thinking about the right thing and just start seeking God.

It’s about relationship. Stop and look at someone you love with all your heart and consider what that means. That means knowing intimately on a daily basis. If you can’t imagine it for having had no experience it, fantasize it and then pursue it in God.

Don’t imagine God is a piggy bank or is here to make your life easier. He will make you holy, and that might be a rough process, but it cleanses your soul, and its value is far greater than steadier money or a nicer house or easier job or what have you. Stop thinking life is about living easy and realize it’s about Your relationship with God!

Still can’t imagine it or its value?

Start with realizing why a living being would create other beings — to love them! Love isn’t about just giving people what they want or them doing whatever you tell them. It’s about sharing life! He is so great and powerful that merely being close to Him will change you as you need to be changed, and trust me, you need to be changed. We’re all flawed, all weak, all troubled. If you would like to pretend otherwise, it will take you a long time to seek the peace only a cleansing can bring.

So why live in the now? God is right now. Living in the now with God frees you from tomorrow. That frees you from worry and concern. That freedom isn’t instant and so long as we remain flawed, we won’t be perfect. However, it begins the process, and the process is the point.

Life is a journey, not a destination. You’re to relish the HOW, not just the target. Think about it. When you reach a supposed “destination” in life, does it ever seem like you actually reached the end of something? Or was it rather another beginning?

Why do we obsess over destinations when we never reach them? Begin relishing the process! The journey! That is living in the now! Enjoy the moment! If you trust God with every moment, you leave the responsibility for tomorrow’s success behind. You will embrace each moment as it comes, which will maximize the content of your life. You will cease worrying about quantity and instead value its quality.

Life with God, leaving everything else but this moment, is the best Life you could ask for. Need a testimonial? I am one. Good night!