The Necessary Uncertainties of Faith

Faith cannot be easily made certain. Like most things of value, it must be fought and sacrificed for. Contrary to American belief, the value of faith is not the presence of faith itself, but knowing, trusting, and building a relationship with a higher power visible only through the eyes of your soul.

Were faith to be so easily tendered, it would be meaningless and without value.

In fact, it is a gift, in and of itself, that we are free to believe God doesn’t even exist. Imagine an all-powerful being trying to allow free voting on his existence when he somewhat looms over all of Earth like a japanese God in one of those weird animes. Instead, God allowed us to believe he doesn’t exist. That makes the value of our choice to love him that much more potent and meaningful to his eyes.

However, believing in God and saying you believe in God are not the same thing. Saying I believe in God but not adhering to His values is just lazy and cowardly.

If you read this and say: “How can you say there’s a God? I can’t see Him. He hasn’t shown his face. There’s no evidence of God. And all the messed up religions around the world prove religion is just another powerplay!”

I would respond to you that 1) There is spiritual energy in your soul science cannot explain, and if you ignore it for favor of “provable” science, you are taking the easy way out of facing the truth.

2) Ignoring the incalculable complexity of existence and calling it some kind of mathematically probable accident cheapens not only your value (because horseshit who tries to create value out of itself by building up its self esteem is, surprise, still horseshit) and blind to what sits right in front of us: The Beauty of Existence.

3) The intelligence required to design what we know as Life is proven by proxy. That’s like saying the wind doesn’t exist despite standing in a field of flowers waving as it passes by. God has shown his existence through the perfect balance of Earth’s distance to the sun, Sol’s distance to the galactic center, the speed of the Earth’s rotation, tilt of the globe, mixture of oxygen and nitrogen in the air, thermal heating versus ozone shift (which, btw, the hole in the ozone is shrinking, new news report), etc. etc.

4) Religion is a human powerplay? You’re absolutely right. Religion is an attempt to capture God in a box. But don’t mistake the Word of God (Bible) with religion. Just because religion uses it doesn’t mean it belongs to religion, or that they have the monopoly on its use. Read it yourself, listen to the living word of God within it an decide for yourself. The value of church (as in the body of believers, not the building with the steeple on it) is that you find encouragement and wisdom from fellow believers. You can find church at the grocery store, the local bar (not kidding), a road trip with friends … church is the communion of believers with each other, not the adherence of human rules on the best way to believe in God.

If there is a hunger in your soul that science just hasn’t filled, a questioning of the value of life if all we are is some cosmic mistake, stop listening to all the other cynics who didn’t want to believe and at least open yourself to the possibility of a beautiful intelligence designing the whole of creation in order to create a relationship with humanity. Sure, that sounds fantastic, and your super-scientific nature wants to be skeptical. But science, while very valuable (I’m not knocking science, folks), cannot explain the human soul.

Four thousand years ago, we thought what little science we had explained it all and we were wrong. Today’s science should be considered no differently. And, most importantly, science can only explain what’s already here and can build a timeline back for a long stretch, but it cannot explain from where the whole of existence sprouted.

God wanted us free to believe He didn’t exist. I consider that a gift. He doesn’t stand in Times Square round the clock so everyone can come and verify what their soul should already be telling them. It cheapens the value of pursuing a relationship with him. Then there are pressures and rituals and obligations God doesn’t want us to feel. He wants us to want Him for no other reason than to want and know Him.

He doesn’t want our fear of hell or concern about Earthly success or desires for stuff or what have you to influence our decision. He is here to know us, share life with us, love us. That love doesn’t mean making everything easier for us. Sometimes it means making things hard for us. If you think love is always doing what feels good, you have a very shallow idea of what love is. Love is about the betterment of someone other than you, and sometimes betterment means cutting out cancer. God plans on cutting out our cancers, and Lord knows, we have plenty of those.

In the end, faith must always be a choice. God will not impose Himself or His Will upon us. He’s not a rapist, a thug or a fiend. He doesn’t design evil for us to face, but His Love is not about rescuing us from every trouble, either. It’s about making us Holy, aligning our characters with Him and choosing to believe that there is more to this life than what we can see with our eyes or our hearts.

He wants us to believe in Him for the merit of Him. Just like a husband wants of his wife. Make sense?