Mr. 300 Posts

Yes! Up to 300 posts tonight! Thanks to all my regular readers and to my not-so-regular readers.

I’ll tell you, the weirdest thing in recent days is my Quoting Ms. Monroe post has gotten more reads than any other post I’ve ever written. And many of you will click on that lick and re-up the count, but I get an average of 10 reads a week on that post alone. It’s weird. I think it’s just a popular quote and people end up searching it.

I’ve had a bevy of some real interesting topics to post on and I’ve really enjoyed posting on them. I think if you were to go read my first few blogs and then read my more recent posts, you can see how very far I’ve come as a blogger and opinionist.

Please, if you have a topic you’d like for me to write on, feel free to send me an e-mail, comment on WordPress or on Facebook and I’ll write something on it. If you want me to post on what I think about Lady Gaga, that’d take a sentence. On something with more substance, I’ll fill out an entire blog or more.

As far as a current update, I’m in Colorado tonight hanging out with some great friends I haven’t seen in awhile. I’m exploring a few different options as far as my future, but as of last week, I’ve just been laying a lot to prayer. I have ideas and plans, but God’s plans come first, and I need to first surrender to him and his Will for me. I don’t think I want to extrapolate on them as I really just need to dig in with God.

That’s all I really have for tonight. Just a big thank you to my readers. Thanks for your “Likes” and comments. I always appreciate hearing from you, even if you disagree. Good night everyone, and God bless!